Who needs a building service provider?

As a service provider, we are at your side and develop solutions together to work successfully together.

The tasks and challenges of building services simply explained

Cleanliness, safety, organization, value preservation – all these keywords describe in part what building service providers take care of. For us as a service provider, it is always about supporting you in the operation of your commercially used property. No matter whether it is the operation of a school including school building and sports hall, or the classic industrial company with administration and production facilities. We have gained experience for 30 years and have grown with our customers. From a classic 1-man business we have thus developed into one of the largest employers in the Oberbergisch district. We train in the trades as well as in administration and support various local projects. Also in the rise of our VFL Gummersbach in the season 2021/2022 we are not uninvolved with our “Wischmädels”!

 “Anyone who wants to use their property effectively for the long term needs a professional building services provider.”

Cleaning as value preservation

One of the many misconceptions about classic cleaning is that it’s all about high gloss and vanity. But in fact, daily maintenance cleaning is the basic building block for maintaining the value of any room. Loose soiling is removed by dry mopping and can no longer harm the various floor coverings through friction or penetration (for example, through unnecessary wet cleaning) into the covering. So not only do you enjoy a clean surface, but you also get many years of enjoyment from your chosen floor coverings. In sanitary facilities, on the other hand, cleaning is a basic hygienic requirement and essential for the well-being of employees, students or visitors. Here, special cleaning agents are used to ensure the necessary standard – thereby also contributing to a fresh smelling environment!

Building services professionalize processes

In addition to these classic examples, however, there are also highly specialized cleaners. The machine cleaning adapts to your needs and, depending on the machine and its purpose, is absolutely necessary to facilitate the work of your employees. We protect your material, keep the machine ready for use, vivid and ensure that your employees can take care of your specialty. By separating the specialist areas, you increase the quality of the respective task, professionalize processes and increase production capacities.

Also the glass cleaning (Incl. facade cleaning) requires special know-how, special cleaning machines and trained personnel. It is the most effective measure on the outside and often reflects the condition on the inside. This is your chance to make a good first impression. Among other things, we use our osmosis equipment for this purpose. These units allow us to clean exterior glass surfaces and windows without leaving streaks. We can overcome height differences with the telescopic poles we use and clean every last corner of your exterior.

Guard and security services for direct control

When it comes to security, the main thing is that we help you secure the control of your gate, perform locking services on doors and control employee access. This gives you control over who is on the company premises and who is not. We keep a close eye on everything that happens during our shift and create appropriate reports for you.

All these measures contribute to the fact that you as a company can concentrate on your business and leave the part of building services to us – we can do it because we have been doing it successfully for more than 30 years and we are always improving!

Digitization in all areas

We are your service provider. This also means that we keep our administration and internal processes up to date and digitalized. We are approachable at eye level on all issues and know your challenges. We keep pace with developments and optimize processes wherever it makes us more successful together.

You are welcome to ask us all your questions about building services in person or by mail. We will answer guaranteed and find a way to help you!

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