Service concepts


 Facets of our service offering

In addition to the option of using individual facets of our service offering, we can always put together a service package tailored to your needs. With our service concepts, we are able to comprehensively and completely cover your wishes in terms of building services.

Together with you, we develop models tailored specifically to your facility, which, in addition to improving existing and new services, also aim to optimize your cost situation and hygiene standards. We accompany the facilities comprehensively from the offer phase to the object furnishing to the ongoing support.

Cleaning procedure according to RKI guidelines

The cleaning procedures and the cleaning agents used are carried out in accordance with the RKI guidelines, thus giving our customers the assurance of receiving optimal cleaning that complies with the guidelines.

Service concepts

Retirement and nursing homes, banks and insurance companies, markets and shopping centers, industrial and mechanical engineering, breweries and food processing, public administrations and municipalities, schools and kindergartens, sports facilities and performance centers.


Do you need a service concept? We are happy to help you

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