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Maintenance cleaning – what is it actually?

The term “maintenance cleaning” means nothing to most people at first. But it’s quite simple: maintenance cleaning simply means that an object is cleaned regularly at certain intervals. Whether daily, weekly or monthly is irrelevant. It is repetitive cleaning work comparable to that which is familiar from the private sphere. The exact scope of this work is determined together beforehand.

If you search the Internet for this term, you will often find cleaning companies that describe maintenance cleaning as office cleaning. However, it is more of a generic term, and the objects that require maintenance cleaning are very diverse: kindergartens, practice rooms, shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, stairwells and much more.


Depending on hygiene requirements – daily, weekly, monthly

Maintenance cleaning is ongoing, recurring cleaning work at set intervals. They guarantee the maintenance and value retention of the interior and, of course, the exterior areas of your property. In accordance with the contract, we perform certain types of services with a fixed cleaning frequency.


Sensitive and public areas such as restrooms, reception halls or entrance areas.


Weekly cleaning is suitable for areas where the degree of soiling does not exceed a certain specification on a daily basis.


Monthly maintenance cleaning is performed in areas with very low usage and therefore with a low degree of soiling.


Exterior and interior cleaning of buildings

We distinguish between building exterior cleaning, such as glass or facade cleaning, and building interior cleaning, such as cleaning of equipment and furnishings, floor cleaning, sanitary cleaning, etc.

Regular, systematic maintenance cleaning by thoroughly trained and instructed employees of stewe Dienstleistungen GmbH offers our customers permanent cleanliness and care! Our employees are always equipped with modern cleaning machines and environmentally friendly care products suitable for the material.

Basic cleaning

What you should know about basic cleaning

In addition to the actual maintenance cleaning, basic cleaning is of great importance for maintaining value. During basic cleaning, adhering dirt, care layers or other residues that impair the appearance of the surfaces are removed. This lays the foundation for daily cleanliness in your building.

Over time, coated floors lose their surface seal through wear, making the subfloor susceptible to damage. After the complete removal of old layers of care and dirt, the subsequent re-care.

Only the combination of basic and maintenance cleaning guarantees the best possible preservation of the original utility properties.

Final cleaning of the building

What you should know about construction cleaning

The final construction cleaning includes the removal of building soiling in new and reconstructed buildings until the handover of the object. In the process, both the rooms and the furnishings are cleaned by our trained staff.

Cleaning already during the construction work leads to a better execution of the trades and increases work safety. After completion of the object, we carry out a comprehensive final cleaning, during which all dirt on all surfaces is removed.

We also dispose of accumulated protective films and transport coverings.


Optimal cost / performance ratio

Only perfect organization and flawless execution of the work in hand – tailored to your needs and requirements – lead to the optimum cost-benefit ratio. For us, it is crucial that the costs are always in relation to the benefits. That is why we discuss ideas in advance and submit a concrete offer.

Basic cleaning

Final cleaning of the building


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