Glass and facade cleaning


Glass cleaning

Large windows and glass surfaces are very trendy. Regular cleaning maintains the shine and does not allow the material to weather. Fixed cleaning intervals ensure lasting cleanliness. The use of trained specialists with environmentally conscious cleaning agents and current cleaning techniques is a matter of course for us.

Glass cleaning includes:

  • Window cleaning (including frames, rebates, weatherboards, sills, ledges, if necessary)
  • Cleaning glass blocks
  • Cleaning glass doors
  • Shop window cleaning
  • Cleaning glass roofs / glass fronts
  • Cleaning glass partitions
  • illuminated signs, lighting systems

Facade cleaning

Graffiti, scribbles, algae, moss or other soiling – facades can quickly lose their original good looks due to damaging influences. In most cases, it is solid particles such as dust and soot that are present in the air and settle on the facade surfaces. If the surface is also porous, the dirt particles cannot be wiped away by wind and rain, but are deposited in the recesses and require professional cleaning.

Cleaning (physical –  mechanical – chemical)

Further damaging influences besides exhaust gases have – especially in big cities and industrial areas – dirt containing oil and grease, which then gums up on the substrate in the long run. Cleaning of facades can be done by physical, mechanical or chemical means to remove such contamination. We take a close look at everything on site before recommending a suitable method.