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Leakage detection in compressed air systems by ultrasound

Leaks are often minor cracks or holes as a result of fatigue or damage in compressed air systems. These are often inconspicuous and hard to identify. However, the loss of compressed air in the system is already enormous in the short term. This is accompanied by a very high consumption of energy, which is needed to maintain the compressed air performance. You can save yourself this unnecessarily high energy input for compressed air generation!
The tricky thing about this type of leakage is that they are almost impossible to locate without the appropriate expertise and equipment – certainly not while the system is running.

But even a hole of only a few millimeters in a compressed air system or a defective clutch can cause costs of several thousand euros per year!

Leakage diameter in mm Energy consumption in KWj/Jhar Cost (0,1€/kWh) in €/year
1 2.850 285
2 11.850 1.185
3 26.750 2.675
4 44.350 4.375

According to independent estimates (Energy Agency NRW), up to 50% of the energy used to generate compressed air is wasted due to leakage! This generated energy literally dissolves into thin air and is no longer available to the production process.


Measurement shows leaks and creates clarity

Leaks are often hidden in the tangles of a pipeline network. Seeing or hearing them is almost impossible. By using a special ultrasonic device in combination with trained personnel, even the smallest leaks can be effectively detected.

Within the scope of our ultrasound detection, we find the leakages, mark them and prepare a documentation for you. This documentation contains an overview of all leaks sorted by urgency and draws up an action plan for elimination. On this basis, you as the customer decide how to proceed.

Elimination of leakages increases process accuracy

Eliminating leaks saves a lot of energy and thus cash. At the same time, the elimination increases your process accuracy through constant pressure in the line system. This constant pressure ensures the precise operation of cylinders, timely switching of valves and thus directly ensures a smooth production process.

An optimally designed pipeline network that is regularly inspected and maintained makes an important contribution to energy efficiency and cost reduction in the company – you save time and money!

Your advantages when you use our ultrasonic leak detection:

Leak detection

Pinpoint location of leaks

Concrete plan of action

to eliminate the leaks found sorted by urgency

Efficiency increase

of your compressed air station and production equipment

Increase in process accuracy

Increase in process accuracy due to constant net pressure = fewer rejects and higher quality


Reduction of machine downtime and production downtime


Lower maintenance costs and less wear and tear on production equipment

You save cash: More efficient compressed air generation saves expensive energy costs – less air generated = lower power consumption!


We find and repair your leaks!

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