Special cleaning

Outdoor facilities

Cleaning of outdoor facilities

Rational and economical maintenance of outdoor areas

Since the outdoor facilities are considered the “business card of the company”, we also offer solution-oriented services here. With specially trained employees, we are also happy to take on this part of the building service.

Garden maintenance

Garden and landscape maintenance

With specially trained employees, we undertake the following work, among others:

  • Lawn and green area maintenance
  • professional pruning of trees, bushes and ornamental shrubs
  • Cleaning of paved roads and squares and disposal of sweepings

Winter service

We gladly take over the complete winter service.

In the cold season we gladly take over the complete winter service around your property. We provide cleared paths, parking lots and access and driveways around your building. This also includes the removal of grit after the winter season.

Cleared paths for a safe walk

Clean parking for a neat impression

Obstacle-free entrances and driveways


Ask us!

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