Frequently asked questions


Facility Services

The tasks as a security guard are different and depend on the area of application:
- In connection with the building services it is reception services, telephone switchboard, letter sorting, processing, dispatch, errands.
- At the plant and property protection: control and patrol services, gate services, access control, taking over the security center, locking services, construction site security
- In retail the use of "Doormen", customer escort services, parking garage services, guarding shopping centers, staff gatekeepers.

The 34a examination is proof of whether a person is personally suitable for the diverse tasks of the security industry and has the necessary legal and technical knowledge. The content of the examination at the IHK includes legal regulations, such as data protection, civil code, criminal law, trade law, but also professional duties and powers such as the behavior in dangerous situations, de-escalation and security techniques.
Since 01.01.2022, the new fee tariff of a total of 184 €. This is divided into written examination 97 € and oral examination 119 €.

To work as a painter and varnisher, you need to have completed vocational training. stewe services offers opportunities to complete this training every year. Once you are a journeyman, it is important to be a team player and to have a well-groomed, friendly appearance. A good spatial sense and a little creativity make the work much easier.

A room book includes all rooms (incl. m² data) of the customer and provides information about the condition of the floor coverings, designation of the rooms, the interval of cleaning and price per month. This room book is always individual and can be created in cooperation with us.

Basic cleaning removes stubborn dirt from floors and surfaces that cannot be removed during daily surface and visual cleaning. Basic cleaning also includes the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and, if necessary, the sealing of floors.

Maintenance cleaning is a regularly repeated cleaning to maintain the desired condition of the premises. Typical tasks include dusting, vacuuming, floor mopping, wet cleaning of sanitary objects and waste removal. Maintenance cleaning usually occurs on a daily or weekly basis.

Dirt is matter in the wrong place and purification is the way to remove that matter.

As in other areas, there are various manufacturers of cleaning agents with different brands. Basically, however, it is necessary to distinguish which goal is pursued with the respective cleaner. As a service company, we naturally use special cleaners that are not commonly used in the household sector.

Building cleaning includes many sub-areas, such as glass cleaning, facade cleaning, maintenance cleaning or special cleaning for special areas. In short, all cleaning services around a building and what belongs to it.

Cleaning is always part of the value preservation process, as various cleaning techniques and detergents are used to protect floor coverings, for example.

There is no general answer to this question. There are always several factors that go into the price calculation. Some of the factors are, for example, the floor covering, the type of soiling / the effort required for cleaning, etc. All this leads to the fact that the calculation must be individually adapted to the customer.

The standard wage for cleaning services is currently €11.55 (as of 04/2022). It is foreseeable that this collectively agreed wage will increase as a result of the increase in the generally binding minimum wage.


General questions

There are no school entry hurdles in cleaning. Learning the cleaning techniques for maintenance cleaning takes place at stewe in the stewe Cleaning Academy. In addition to reliability and an eye for cleanliness, German language skills and a Class B driver's license are also desirable.

The statutory minimum wage of €12/hour will come into force throughout Germany on 01.10.2022. In addition, there are industries in which the minimum wages continue to develop upwards. For example, the cleaning industry has a minimum wage of 13€/hour (01.10.2022).


Personnel Service

If the duration of your employment was sufficient for an assessment, you are entitled to an employer's reference, but at least to a certificate of employment.

Take advantage of the interview with our personnel dispatchers. Make sure that they ask about your qualities correctly and also take into account difficult points in your situation. A permanent permit to hire out employees can also be proof of several years of successful work.

We are professionals when it comes to work. We recognize your strengths and find the right job for you. Due to the fluctuation - among other things due to the takeover by the assignment companies - and the growth of the temporary staffing industry, new job opportunities for applicants are constantly arising.

Our customers appreciate our competence in personnel selection and trust our judgment. This gives you the opportunity to prove yourself with good performance in the assignment company.

At stewe, the BZA collective agreement applies, in which performance-related wages are agreed. Supplements are also paid. The grouping takes place according to the intended activities.

Of course, we will also register you for health, pension and unemployment insurance during temporary employment and pay the corresponding contributions. Other components of a normal employment relationship, such as vacation entitlement or notice periods, naturally also apply in temporary employment.

As an employee of a temporary employment agency, you will receive a regular employment contract. Since temporary employment is subject to approval, the supervisory authorities monitor temporary employment agencies' compliance with the relevant legal provisions.

Please submit your letter of application, a curriculum vitae, your school and training certificates, certificates of further training and your employer references.

You can apply directly online using our application form on the following pages, send us your detailed application documents, of course also by e-mail, or visit us directly at one of our locations.

Staff leasing in Germany is regulated by the German Personnel Leasing Act (AÜG). Personnel service providers have all the rights, obligations and risks of a conventional employer. Employment with such a company is based on a regular employment contract. As with other employers, they are registered with health, pension and unemployment insurance and contributions are paid for this purpose.

As an employee in a staffing company, you have the same rights as all other employees with regard to working conditions, remuneration, continued payment of wages in the event of illness, vacation entitlement, etc. The only difference is that you do not work in "your" company. With one difference: You do not work in "your" company, but your employer (lender) makes your labor available to other companies (hirer).

Theoretically, everything is possible from an assignment of just one day to an indefinite assignment. The duration of the assignment depends on the user company. Practice has shown: The more highly qualified temporary workers are, the longer their assignment usually lasts.

Temporary employment offers companies the opportunity to respond to personnel-related developments, even at short notice. The demand for temporary workers is usually due to a staff shortage at the temporary employment agency, e.g. due to pregnancy or vacation. It is also possible that the company has more work to do than actually expected.

By using temporary staff, a company's workforce can be quickly and flexibly adapted to its needs. The company does not incur any additional costs for the search for suitable and qualified personnel. The temporary employment agency does this for it.