Employee leasing

Temporary work is the trend

Temporary work is the trend

A look into the future shows: Temporary staffing will continue to gain in importance as the trend toward greater flexibility in the world of work continues. It is the ideal solution for responding flexibly to staffing problems as they arise. Temporary work is already a working model of the future.

A triangular relationship exists between the temporary worker, the temporary employment agency and the client company. The customer company is obligated to pay the temporary employment agency for the work performed by the temporary employee.

The temporary employees then receive their remuneration from the temporary employment agency. Temporary employment is also referred to as employee leasing or personnel leasing.

Our 8 good reasons for choosing stewe in the area of temporary employment

Flexible and fast solution for personnel bottlenecks, coverage of order peaks, avoidance of idle time through targeted personnel deployment, relief of administration, applicant selection, personal support, cost reduction, 24-hour on-call service


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